Arild Links challenges the traditional notion of fine jewelry, believing that it should carry meaning beyond mere displays of wealth. The brand was born out of the bond between Håkan Orrling, a second-generation goldsmith, and Fredrik Ivansson, a former Sales Manager turned entrepreneur, who connected over shared values. Håkan serves as the designer while Fredrik assumes the role of CEO.

At Arild Links, their jewelry is crafted from once-illegal weapons, utilizing the vast reserve of firearms circulating globally. These weapons are confiscated, melted down, and transformed into Humanium Metal. This unique material not only fuels their dedication to combat gun violence but also enables them to create exceptional and meaningful pieces.

The brand's aim is to produce jewelry that stands out and makes the wearer feel truly special. They strive to create timeless beauty that goes beyond mere ornamentation. By wearing Arild Links, individuals become part of a movement to contribute to a better, more beautiful, and more humane world.

Arild Links values the human being above the mere value of jewelry and takes pride in being a sustainable company. By aligning with sustainable development goals such as responsible consumption and peace and justice, and utilizing materials like Humanium Metal, they embody their core values.

Through their efforts, Arild Links has already made a significant impact by removing 12,000 illegal weapons from the streets. This commitment to love over violence is further demonstrated through partnerships with organizations like NON-VIOLENCE and Individuell Människohjälp, to which they donate 15% of their revenue for anti-arms campaigns.

By purchasing jewelry from Arild Links, individuals not only acquire a unique and meaningful piece but also contribute to halting the world's deadliest weapon of our time.

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